E-Copy What Is True Love?

E-Copy What Is True Love?


In this book, you will learn about the characteristics that define true love and how you can apply them to your marriage, relationship and everyday living. You will learn not to fall in love, but to WALK in love, how to build long lasting marriage and relationship and how to enjoy peace and joy throughout your life’s journey.




There are two kinds of ignorance in the world. The first kind has to do with having incorrect knowledge of something while the second one involves having no knowledge at all. The first kind of ignorance is the more dangerous one because when you have incorrect knowledge of something you often do not know and assume that you already know that thing. The result of such perverted knowledge is abuse and misuse of that thing.

Our world is suffering from a gross ignorance of one of the greatest gift that humanity has been given. That is the gift of love.

Although the word ‘Love’ is a very popular and commonly used word in the English language, it is also one of the most abused and confused word in its application for daily living.

Today, marriages are falling apart and relationships are breaking in pieces. Homes are being destroyed, domestic violence is on the increase, abortion, single parenthood, divorce, unwanted pregnancies are some of the vices that plague our societies and everyone is wondering why this is so.


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