Before starting a journey you must first plan the journey so that you do not get stranded on the way. The same is true for the journey of marriage. Most people begin a marriage journey without proper planning and before they realize it, it is too late. No sooner do they begin their marriage than they crash.

A – z of true love marriage is the road map for a successful marriage journey. A true love marriage journey is planned with purpose and visions well mapped out so that the journey is smooth and successful.

The truelove marriage journey starts with the planning; first of all, knowing that the vehicle (husband and wife) for the journey is suitable,  secondly, knowing which route to take to minimize difficulties or completely easily overcome them by choosing true love that never fails instead of human – love that fails easily.


After knowing the right routes for the journey we are sure that we are well-prepared. In the case of this true love marriage journey, how to overcome all the risk factors that will cut short the journey such as finance, sex, lack of communications etc. are well-explained. With the knowledge of the laws of money, the concept of oneness in marriages that teaches that the husband’s body belongs to his wife and the wife’s body belongs to her husband, couples will learn how to relate with each other the best way. In this book, you will learn that proper communication with your spouse is important and if you are a husband that refuses to make himself available for quality time with his wife, you will see how you have been denying yourself a great blessing.

To have a successful marriage, the knowledge of the law of money cannot be overemphasized. The lack of knowledge of the laws of money has cut short so many marriage journeys.

This book is written so that every route, stages of marriage that will create a problem on the journey of marriage is identified and avoided. I believe that with this book in the hand of any couple, their marriage journey will be made simple. This book will help you to know who you are as a man and who you are as a woman, and teach you how to play your role on the journey of marriage. Knowing what to do and how to do it in your marriage is what sets your marriage apart and that is the goal of this book.

Knowledge is power and with the knowledge in this book, you and your partner will be empowered for the journey of true love marriage.

My expectation for this book is that it will be a big tool in your hands and the hands of every couple to help you navigate your marriage lives in smooth, healthy, caring, and loving ways. The knowledge of the contents of the A –Z of true love marriage is a magnificent tool in the hands of both old and new couples to build a heaven-on-earth marriage for themselves.

This is why my intended audience is the married and unmarried, the singles out there with a great hope that one day they will be the next on the journey of truelove marriage and singles who say to themselves “I will never marry” whom I believe after reading this book would find the right partner with true love with whom they will cruise this journey together.

Do have a smooth journey!













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of Truelove Marriage